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Corrine Bender, DC

Introducing Corrine Bender, DC Phoenix Chiropractor

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corrine bender dc phoenix chiropractor

Corrine Bender, DC


Corinne S. Bender, DC, exemplifies commitment and expertise as a chiropractor, fueled by a profound desire to guide her patients towards peak health and wellness.

Corinne embarked on her chiropractic path at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, where she built a robust foundation. She pursued further education at Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia, obtaining her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1992.

After acquiring her chiropractic license, Corinne sharpened her abilities at a prominent, multi-location clinic in Phoenix, Arizona for four years. In May 1996, she founded her own practice, Bender Chiropractic, which prospered for over 27 years.

With extensive expertise across multiple chiropractic domains, Corinne specializes in handling personal injury cases, pediatric patients, sports-related injuries for athletes, and geriatric patients. Her all-encompassing approach to chiropractic care enables her to address each patient’s distinct needs and offer customized treatment plans.

Besides her chiropractic license in Arizona, Corinne also possesses a Physical Medicine Certification through the Arizona Association of Chiropractic.

Motivated by her zeal to assist others, Corinne S. Bender, DC, is dedicated to delivering outstanding care to her patients. Her wealth of experience, diverse skill set, and authentic commitment to patient wellbeing make Corinne a trusted ally in your pursuit of a healthier, more active lifestyle.